About Us

We here at Errand Girl Tacoma know that there are many factors that might prevent someone from getting the things that they need such as an immobilizing surgery, a busy family and work schedule, a home run business, or maybe you'd just like a relaxing lift to the airport that feels more personable than a taxi. We here at Errand Girl Tacoma can be all of these people for you. This business began as a glimmer in our eye in Philadelphia when we saw that our grandfather who had trouble getting around, needed quite a lot of help getting the basics taken care of, and we're finally able to offer a service to you that fulfills this visible need in the community. We want to help you with a delivery and errand service that makes your life just that much easier and stable. We understand what it feels like to wonder if there's going to be anyone around to help you out with grocery delivery or pharmacy delivery services when you're ill. Even a bad case of food poisoning, when you're living alone, can make you feel helpless, lonely and stuck without anyone to bring by appropriate liquids and foods that you can keep down.

Could you ever imagine that there is a service who can take care of all of these things for you and you hardly have to lift a finger? Errand Girl Tacoma is a full errand running and shuttle service operating out of University Place. We offer a full range of services including dry cleaning delivery and pickup, pet sitting, house sitting, personal transportation services whether to the airport or to the dentist, pharmacy delivery, wait services, errand services such as grocery delivery and library runs, other delivery services as well as personal assistant services. We're available Sunday through Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, so call now to make your request.