Dry Cleaning Delivery

University Place, WA

As your parents or grandparents approach old age, it's okay to worry if they should still be driving themselves around. Old age is typically accompanied by issues, such as confusion, vision problems, and delayed reaction time. Some of the signs your elderly loved one should not be driving themselves around include getting lost, increased number of parking tickets, traffic violations, constantly running out of gas, losing keys, or an increased number of dings on their car. For their own safety and convenience, your loved one should hang up their keys before their driving becomes extremely erratic. However, before you bring up the subject, it's always wise to have good alternatives in mind like the errand services offered by Errand Girl Tacoma.

With the number of retired people over the age of 65 growing by about 10,000 per day, the need for errand services is dramatically on the rise. Some of the popular services are dry cleaning delivery and grocery shopping. Since most seniors are usually homebound due to medical conditions or health issues that make it difficult for them to drive, they require assistance to complete seemingly simple errands like picking up their dry cleaning or shopping for groceries. However, the good news is that the errand services we offer allow them to run all their errands, without ever getting behind the wheel. You can rely on Errand Girl Tacoma to pick up prescriptions, go grocery shopping, return an overdue library book, stand in line at the post office or even take the car in for an oil change. By using our errand services, you will be liberating your elderly loved one from the never-ending list of chores that overwhelms them.

Errand Girl Tacoma will allow your aging parent or grandparent to enjoy the University Place, WA weather, or read a good book. So, if you or a senior family member requires errand services in University Place, WA, call us today and let Errand Girl Tacoma help you.