Pharmacy Delivery

Lakewood, WA

So, you have finally carved out enough time in your schedule to take your dream vacation but now you need someone to look after your house and pets while you are away. Having a trustworthy, caring person in your house looking after your garden and pets while you are away is convenient. You can easily reach them at any time to check in and make sure everything is okay. You can count on Errand Girl Tacoma house sitting services to look after your home. In order to deter any vandalism or potential break-ins, we will make the house look occupied. We accomplish this by turning the lights on at night and periodically leaving a car in the driveway, so it looks like you never left.

Aside from keeping the house safe, our house sitting services also extend to taking care of pets. This includes providing water, food, walks, poop scooping and kernel and litter box cleaning. We can even take the pet to the vet if necessary. If the home has any indoor or outdoor plants, rest assured that Errand Girl Tacoma will keep them alive by regularly watering them. Our house sitting services include bringing in the newspaper and mail, and checking and forwarding any phone message as specified by the homeowner. Errand Girl Tacoma also provides personal assistant services. No long-term commitment is required. You can simply call us whenever you need a personal assistant in Lakewood, WA.

Whether it's purchasing a last minute gift, dropping off or picking up your dry cleaning, overseeing service repairs in your home, taking your car for an oil change or doing a pharmacy delivery, we are available to meet your specific needs. So, if you are looking for the most reliable house sitter or personal assistant in Lakewood, WA call Errand Girl Tacoma or visit our website at .